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Not Losing Weight? It May Be Time For A Weight Loss Detox

Posted by Dr. Fred Vaziri on Jul 20, 2016 8:30:00 AM
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weight-loss-detox.jpgYou gain extra pounds and the first thing you think about is dieting to shed the extra weight. Although there are plenty of diets to choose from, some are healthier for the body than others.

Choosing a healthy diet to begin with shouldn’t be about picking the trendiest or the one that promises the most rapid results.

The diet you choose to help you lose weight should be one that is right for you and your lifestyle and more importantly, one that compliments your body’s internal processes. You can find a healthy diet by doing some research and trying to figure out what works for you or you can consult with a weight loss specialist who has the skills to determine what will work for your body. After all, you don’t want to succumb to the challenges that most people who go it alone find themselves in eventually; temporary weight loss and yo-yo dieting. Both of which are dangerous to your health.


Why Is Yo-Yo Dieting Dangerous?

Yo-yo dieting is dangerous because the weight you regain after the initial weight loss is often more than your original weight was to begin with. The fluxuation in weight harms your metabolism, causing blood sugar problems, drastic behavioral changes, heart complications, digestive issues, and increases the risks of developing diabetes.

weight-loss-detox-diet-pea.jpgHowever, a diet that causes you to starve yourself by restricting calorie intake isn’t healthy either and comes with its own very serious risks too.


Why Are Diets With Restricted Calorie Intake Dangerous?

Diets that come with restricted calorie intakes are dangerous because they limit the amount of calories a person eats in a day. You should only consume the amount of calories your body size and activity level requires. Determining how many calories your body needs to stay healthy and maintain health can be a daunting task but by visiting your doctor or weight loss specialist, a safe healthy determination can be made.

Eating a well-balance diet consisting mainly of whole foods you have prepared yourself such as meats, fish, vegetables, fruits, dairy, grains and seeds and nuts is preferred for optimal health. However, if you need help learning how to prepare a healthy diet that you can stick to throughout your life, you may want to consider consulting with a nutritionist. A nutritionist will help you develop a meal and supplement plan that will help you lose weight and keep it off a lifetime.

Before you start your managed weight loss plan, your weight loss specialist or nutritionist may want to start you off with a healthy weight loss detox program. This will help rid your body of toxins and give you a clean platform, which to begin your weight loss journey.


What Is A Healthy Weight Loss Detox Program?

A healthy weight loss detox program is one that helps cleanse the body’s systems and organs of toxins and waste build up that tend to slow down the weight loss process, and contribute to fatigue and chronic health conditions that afflict some people.  Before starting any kind of detoxification program it is essential to consult with a doctor or medical professional first to make sure it is safe and right for you. Some people with certain health conditions such as pregnancy or diabetes should not use a detoxing program unless instructed to by a doctor.


With so much information on weight loss and detox programs available at your finger tips, it’s easy to get lost and confused. Receiving a consultation from a weight loss professional is the best way to quickly begin your journey to a healthier lifestyle. Don’t wait until your health forces you to make better health decisions, now is the time to change your life.


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