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You Need Pain Management Specialists When You Suffer From Chronic Pain

Posted by Dr. Fred Vaziri on May 11, 2016 6:12:07 PM
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pain-management-specialists-depression.jpgChronic pain is one of the leading reasons that people seek out medical help - but, many don't. They suffer in silence, thinking that to admit they have chronic pain is a sign of weakness.

Do you, a friend or loved one suffer from chronic pain? If the answer is yes - you know that it's easy to become depressed and discouraged when dealing with pain on a daily basis. It's hard to manage chronic pain without the help of a trained professional. 

What Constitutes Chronic Pain? 

A person with chronic pain suffers ongoing discomfort and pain that usually persists beyond the expected time frame of the cause - and does not respond to typical treatments. 

It is important to determine the cause of your pain and only a pain management specialist can do this. 

Chronic pain frequently is the cause for additional problems such as weight gain or loss, fatigue, poor concentration guilt and depression. 

Many mainstream theories on pain management rely primarily upon pain medications. Managing pain with medications isn't always the best way. Pain medications are notoriously addictive, and can cause harmful side effects leading to long term health problems. 

Pain Management Specialists

pain-management-specialists-alive.jpgThere is hope for people who suffer from chronic pain. Pain management specialists understand how your body reacts to pain, and will show you how your pain can be minimized or alleviated with healthy methods of treatment. 

Holistic Ways To Help Manage Chronic Pain

There are natural and more healthy ways (than pain medications) to control and minimize your pain

You probably have heard of acupuncture, but didn't realize it can help with pain control. It is an ancient method that dissolves energy blockages that contributes to pain, illness and disease. Using very thin and flexible needles inserted into the energy pathways of your body - just beneath the skin, your body's ability to heal is restored. This is a pain-free procedure and many people feel relaxed and energized following a treatment. 

Another age-old treatment that may help your chronic pain is the use of herbal formulas. Your pain management specialist will assess your medical history and guide you to herbal formulas that will lead you to the right herbal remedies to help you control your daily pain. Herbal remedies can get you back on the right track for you to lead a healthy and vibrant life. 

Chiropractic adjustments is another method that helps alleviate chronic pain. Many types of chronic pain can be addressed and helped with chiropractic management. Your specialist will develop a treatment plan that may include spinal manipulations, exercises or manual therapies. 


 Treating your own chronic pain can be futile and frustrating. Do-it-yourself treatments can aggravate the source of the pain, making the condition worse. For the person who suffers from chronic pain, it is essential that they seek help from a qualified pain management specialist for assessment and treatment.


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